episode 56 | Kirstin Reeder

Kirstin Reeder: How to Pick Your Niche - Encore Presentation - I Love Bookkeeping!

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Kirsten took an accounting class in high school many years ago and she really enjoyed it. She eventually dropped out of college where she was studying accounting and became a mother. She was a stay-at-home mom for 18 years and tried a number of business ideas but none of them really resonated. She eventually got an email from Ben about becoming a bookkeeper, ended up on one of his webinars and ultimately took the course.

[7:40] Kirsten currently has four clients but has had up to nine at one time. Some of them Kirsten decided to fire and some have gone in other directions.

[9:00] Time management was Kirsten’s first major challenge; homeschooling nine kids can make working from home fairly